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Meetings & Events

The next Iowa Academy of Education meeting will be hosted by the University of Iowa on April 15, 2022.

Iowa Academy of Education Approved Meeting Minutes

New Iowa Academy of Education Members

At the October 27, 2017 meeting, the IAE welcomed three new members: Dr. Mark Grey, Dr. Amanda Haertling Thein and Dr. Liz Hollingworth.

Don Yarbrough, new IAE member Mark Grey, and Michele Devlin

Don Yarbrough, new IAE member Mark Grey, and Michele Devlin

Dr. David Bills and Dr. Don Yarbrough present IAE plate to new member Dr. Amanda Haertling Thein

David Bills, new IAE member Amanda Haertling Thein, and Don Yarbrough

Dr. Don Yarbrough presents IAE plate to new member Dr. Liz Hollingworth

Don Yarbrough and new IAE member Liz Hollingworth