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Dr. Liz Hollingworth

Liz Hollingworth
University of Iowa

Professor Liz Hollingworth is a faculty member in the College of Education at the University of Iowa in the Educational Policy and Leadership Studies Department. She currently serves as the Program Coordinator for Educational Leadership. Before coming to Iowa, she was a classroom teacher in Chicago and in Williamston, Michigan.

Dr. Hollingworth’s research focuses on issues of leadership and assessment: in particular, how school reform policies affect classroom practice, evaluation, and school administration.  Her work has appeared in both national and international journals, including: Educational Administration Quarterly, the Journal of Research on Leadership Education, Leadership and Policy in Schools, International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, and the Journal of Educational Administration.

Dr. Hollingworth has served as the Director of the University of Iowa Center for Evaluation and Assessment (CEA) since 2015, working with a team of staff and graduate students to conduct multiple forms of program evaluation in collaboration with colleges, universities, and school systems. The CEA has worked on multiple evaluation contracts funded by the Iowa Department of Education, the Governor’s STEM Initiative, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, as well as school districts and private foundations.

In 2015, Liz Hollingworth was honored with the University Council for Educational Administration (UCEA) Distinguished Service Award for her commitment to the organization, which spans more than a decade. She served five years as the University of Iowa Plenary Representative before election to the Executive Committee in 2014. From 2007-2010, she served as the “Innovative Programs” column editor for the UCEA Review. In July 2010, she was appointed the UCEA Associate Director of Publications and is on the Editorial Board for the Journal of Cases in Educational Leadership. She has been elected Secretary, Program Chair, Chair, and now serves as Past-Chair for the Learning and Teaching in Educational Leadership SIG, a joint special interest group with UCEA and AERA.  In addition, from 2009-2014, she represented UCEA on the Joint Committee on Standards for Educational Evaluation.