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About IAE


The Iowa Academy of Education (IAE) was originally established by the First in the Nation in Education (FINE) Foundation as part of its comprehensive charge to improve student achievement in the state of Iowa through the utilization of educational research. Besides supporting the Iowa Academy of Education, the FINE Foundation offered research grants aimed at increasing student achievement, disseminated results gained from education research, and recognized outstanding performance by K-12 schools and school-based researchers. The FINE's board of directors included such notable Iowans as former Lt. Gov. Art Neu, Sen. Maggie Tinsman, George Drake, former president of Grinnell College, and Tom Urban, former president and CEO of Pioneer HiBred International. In 2007, FINE closed its doors and granted the Iowa Academy of Education a self-sustaining endowment and an independent charter.


The mission of the Iowa Academy of Education is to enhance the application of educational research to inform policy and practice within Iowa and beyond.


  • Constitution
  • Articles of Incorporation

IAE Meetings

The IAE typically meets twice per year, in April and October. The meeting location rotates between the three Regent universities.

Meeting minutes can be found on our Meetings & Events page.

IAE meeting 11-4-16
IAE meeting 11-4-16
IAE meeting 11-4-16